I have spent a few days in Istanbul, which was enough to feel the vibes of the city. Every time I am in Istanbul, regardless of the number of days I stay, I get a feeling that I am in a flow that I have no control of. It is nice in a way that everything is happening around me and it keeps me busy, but I have to over-plan everything to manage the things I am supposed to do.

I usually run some errands when I am there, like beauty centers, banks, doctor visits, family gatherings, etc. Time is never enough in Istanbul. Nevertheless I enjoy the city because I am only a tourist since I moved to Sweden, but I can’t keep myself from missing my calm life sometimes.

This picture was taken on one of those days where I crossed to the European side from the Asian side, in between shopping for spectacles and a cousin’s gathering. I love the view of the Galata tower and the historical part of the city from every angle.

Have you ever visited Istanbul? What did you feel when you lost yourself in the crowd among the ancient residuals?


  1. Istanbul is so many opposite things at once you can never pinpoint it. It’s like jazz or a guitar solo. If you try too hard to predict it or control it, to find a melody; you’ll just get a headache. Instead just let go and follow; you’ll get an experience.


  2. I love Istanbul! I found it such a vibrant city, and could really imagine living there. The food and the people were awesome.


    • Hi Carla, how nice you liked the city. I am falling in love with it every time I am there, but I should admit that the crowd makes me a bit tired :)


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