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Going to Turkey

I am finally taking some days off for my summer vacation. I preferred not to do that until now, since I am going to be in Turkey, and it is extremely hot for me during July and August. As I do every year, I have been working during the summer – while all my colleagues were gone, which is pretty boring. Now though, it is time for me to disappear!

I am going to be in Turkey for three weeks. I divide my days between all the places I want to visit. For the first week I will be in Iskenderun, which is a small town in the most south-east part of the Mediterranean Sea. We have had a summer house there since I was born, and I spent all my summers there until I moved to Istanbul from my hometown which is very close to Iskenderun. I went back there a couple of times afterwards, but I haven’t managed to visit that special place since 2005. When I look back I regret why I haven’t done it before, but now is better than never. I am sure that I will have many emotional moments there, remembering my teenage years and all the crazy things I did with my friends in the summers. I am hoping to meet some friends that will still enjoy my company.

I’m looking forward to spending time in Istanbul, where I actually have my home in Turkey. I’ve missed my family and friends there. So, the second week of my vacation belongs to this chaotic city, where I plan to do many things, including shopping (a lot of things are cheaper in Istanbul than they are in Sweden), doctor visits, eating so much good food and walking around the city as a tourist with my camera.

Every year around September, Barış and I join my family to spend a week in Çıralı, which is a small town in Antalya. The beach and the garden of the ‘bed and breakfast’ place we stay at every time is incredibly attractive. I am going to be enjoying the last days of summer there before I go back to my cold Sweden.

Let me know if you are around one of the places I am going to visit. You can also write to me about the things you would like to see/read most about those towns, and I can consider them while preparing posts for the blog. Follow me on Instagram to catch up with daily updates.

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