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I have spent the last week of my vacation in Çıralı with the family. Çıralı is a small village in a rural area near Antalya. We have been spending a week in this place every year for a long time. We always stay at the same bed and breakfast place Yavuz Hotel which is run by a family who we became friends with.

The 3.5 km long beach ends with Olympos, which is the home of the Lycian ancient city. It is so wonderful to take a walk along the coast to the ruins of the city.

Çıralı is especially nice in September since the very warm days have nearly ended, and the beach gets less crowded. I woke up early every morning and had a good swim in the sea before breakfast. The garden of the hotel is so cosy and nice. After the breakfast I found a spot under the shadow of the trees where I could read my book and rest.


The days passed so quickly. I love to have a routine on such beach vacations. While I visit new cities and plan my days so tight to be able to see and do as much as possible, I need a relaxing vacation for one week per year.

Do you like being at the seaside on your vacations, and not doing much all day aside from swimming, sun bathing, reading and resting?

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