Streets of Amsterdam and Rijksmuseum

After arriving in Amsterdam on Friday evening, we woke up early on Saturday and started the day with a great breakfast at one of the cafes near the hotel. Those who couldn’t wake up before the morning coffee were filled up with endless energy after this satisfying breakfast.

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We walked on the streets for a few hours, taking short breaks on each bridge and enjoying the view. The streets took us to Museumplein, which is a big square surrounded by a few museums. Since we didn’t have much time to spend in Amsterdam, we agreed on one museum to visit, which was Rijksmuseum.

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The building of Rijksmuseum was amazing. It was first opened in 1885, and after a century passed they carried out some great renovation 2004. It was reopened in 2012 and since then it has been one of the most popular museums in Amsterdam. 8.000 art pieces are displayed and almost 2 million people visit the museum every year. Besides the history of The Netherlands, there are a lot of interesting collections from all over the world.

I think the most interesting part of the museum is the library. It has 4 floors and in total the book shelves are 1 km long. In addition, in the cellar there are an enormous number of art history books and magazines that have been collected since 1881. Isn’t that amazing?

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Another incredible thing in the museum was the ‘Night Watch’ of Rembrandt. There I learned that the painting has nothing to do with the ‘night’. It was in fact covered with a dark polish, which gave a night-time feeling, but it was cleaned sometime in the 1940’s and the real name of the painting was ‘The Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch Preparing to March Out’. Since this name was impossible to remember, people kept calling the painting ‘Night Watch’.

Other remarkable works in the museum were: ‘The Battle of Waterloo‘, Self Portrait-Vincent van Gogh, The Singel Bridge at the Paleisstraat in Amsterdam-George Hendrik Breitner, The Milkmaid-Johannes Vermeer, and Portraits of Giuliano and Francesco Giamberti da Sangallo-Piero di Cosimo.

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Time passed so quick in the museum. When we were done, it was already evening. We had a good dinner and made a pit stop at the hotel. Afterwards we were ready for an amazing Saturday night in Amsterdam!


  1. Hi Gizem
    Having just read your commentary regarding your visit to Amsterdam I found it very interesting.I think perhaps English is not your first language however it was very well written,informative and an insperation to anyone wishing to visit Amsterdam.A city I realy must visit some day theability to view the rich culture of Dutch art at its best must be an inspiration for the senses.
    Thank you for sharing your experiance,
    Best wishes Craig


    • Hi Craig, thank you for your comment. That’s right, English is not my mother tongue :) i am glad you found the post useful. Cheers!


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