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Canals of Amsterdam, 9 Streets and Jordaan

It was interesting to wake up with the church bell on Sunday morning, because there are no church bells in Sweden. It was time to gain some energy back with a good Sunday breakfast at a different cafe.

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The plan for the day was to take a boat tour at the canals to cover most of the areas we would not be able to see by ourselves. The tour was great. We got the chance to learn a lot of interesting information about Amsterdam and the canals.

According to the information we got on the tour, there are 2.500 boat-houses on the canals. The idea started with simply supplying people with extra accommodation, but it became popular when those houses had electricity and water. There are even some hotels among the boat-houses.

Another interesting fact was the answer to our question from the first moment in Amsterdam. There are around 200.000 bikes taken out from the canals every year! There are actually more bikes than there are people in Amsterdam.

The reason why most of the houses around the canals are leaning forward was to make it possible to transport stuff to the upper floors by the help of the hooks on top of the buildings, since the houses are extremely narrow and it is impossible to carry things up and down the stairs. Very smart indeed!

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Our last stop after the canal tour was 9 Streets and Jordaan. The region known as 9 Streets is literally the nine streets on the intersection of Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Singel canals. The name of Jordaan comes from the French ‘jarden’. These regions are popular and filled with cafes, galleries, art studios and music shops. They are definitely some of the most fun places in Amsterdam to spend time in.

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