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Railay Beach

After Ko Samui, we flew to Krabi to spend a few days in Ao Nang. We preferred not to stay in Krabi, but Ao Nang instead, because we wanted to visit many other beaches and islands by boat, and it was more convenient from that location.

On the first morning we packed our beach bags with all the necessary stuff, such as playing cards, sun creams, fruits, snorkels and extra swimsuits, found a long-tailed boat and headed to Railay Beach. This is one of the best beaches around that area. It is not possible to reach with a vehicle. The only way is to take long-tailed boats from Ao Nang or Krabi. There are a few hotels on the beach, but it is more common for day visitors.

At the end of the 15 minutes travel, we arrived at the beach. It was totally amazing! Just like the pictures in the travel magazines; a long sand beach, turquoise sea, a forest behind the beach, and the colourful long-tailed boats on the water. Right after I jumped off the boat, I stayed on the shore for a while and was mesmerized by the beauty before I realized it was real.




We laid out our towels in a shadow and ran to the sea immediately. The water was very shallow and warmer than I expected. It was almost noon and really warm outside. While we were resting on the towels, we realized that it was the sea was at low tide – we could see the rocks, and the sea was out for meters.




Railay Beach has two parts, east and west. Where we got off from the boat was the west part, which is more suitable for swimming. There is a little forest with a tiny path between two parts. When we noticed that it was actually possible to get to the east part by walking, we couldn’t resist doing it. We packed our stuff and jumped into the forest with our flip flops. I should admit that it was not as fun as I imagined – it took longer than I expected, was extremely warm in that small forest, and it was also very hard to walk with flip flops. Carrying all our bags also made us sweaty and tired. When we finally reached the beach, we were relieved. We found a good spot to stash everything, then jumped into the sea.

As I had heard before, that part of Railay was more suitable for rock climbing and camping. It was much calmer and quieter than the west part. We had our siesta under the shadow of a tree while yellow butterflies flew around us. It was simply magical.



Two days in a row we had the same routine; taking the boat from Ao Nang in the morning, then spending the whole day in Railay. On the second day we rented canoes and rode them between rocks for a few hours. When I look back I can say that it was the most unbelievably beautiful moment of our holiday. The rocks and the nature were incredibly beautiful. I felt like we were in a completely different world. We discovered a tiny 10 meter beach, took the canoes on the rocks and laid down on the sand on that beach, where again there were butterflies and I felt high from the beauty and magic of the moment.



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