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Muay Thai

We ran into an advertisement for a Muay Thai match on the evening of that day. We thought it would be a good opportunity to see Muay Thai in Thailand, so we bought the tickets and in the evening we were watching a big match from the front row.



The first match of the 6 was between two kids in the 60 lbs (28kg) category. When I first saw the kids, I thought they were going to put on some kind of show to start the tournament. However, I was shocked to see them having a real fight in the ring. In my opinion martial arts might be a bit traumatic for little kids like them.



One interesting thing was that all types of alcoholic drinks and cocktails were being sold at the arena. Everyone was allowed to drink alcohol and smoke during the fights. We couldn’t stop ourselves enjoying a cold beer as all the Thai people were doing.

There was also a guy who was checking the time on his cell phone and ringing the bell between matches.



After three matches there was a break for 15 min. A guy called “Son of Rambo’ done some exciting acrobatic moves in and around the ring. It was a bit more exciting to watch him not falling down on the rope than the Thai fights :)




The last fight was between Zakai from Thailand and Marcus from England. I was almost certain that Zakai would win just by appearances, but we witnessed a strong knock-out from Marcus. Zakai couldn’t even move for a while, which was a bit scary.


These were the first Muay Thai fights I’d ever been to. In the beginning I had no idea of the rules, but at the end I realized that the most important thing is to concentrate, have great technique and have self-confidence.

That was a lifetime experience for all of us.

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