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Fisherman’s Village – Ko Samui

Fisherman’s Village is a small region in Bophut, Ko Samui. It is one of the places that has Thai-Chinese interaction. It is said that Fisherman’s Village is becoming very popular among young people and tourists recently, which is why there are a lot of cafes and restaurants around. As with the other centers on the island, it is full of small souvenir shops. They are open until 22:30, and it makes this place even more interesting for tourists.

This region has a beautiful beach. It is possible to water ski, jet ski and use the inflated aqua park on the sea. Most of the restaurants and cafes have a good view by the beach.




When we arrived in the village it was burning hot. Before walking around, we decided to go to a restaurant for lunch. The restaurant ‘Karma Sutra’ on the corner got our attention immediately. We had no idea of what type of food they had, but they had nice decorations with lovely colors, and we were in no position to walk around to find the best food in the village because of our hunger and the heat. We were not disappointed at all with the food and drinks.










When the time came to go back to the hotel we were not sure if we should take a big taxi or find another way to take this 8 km. We ran into a family driving their small van with some empty seats. For a little amount of money, they agreed to give us a ride. The comfort and safety were debatable, but it was totally fun and cheap!

Fisherman’s Village was definitely worth visiting in Ko Samui. One whole day can easily be spent there, by the beach or in the center.


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