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Big Buddha and Chaweng

One of the most remarkable places in Ko Samui is the temple Wat Phra Yai, where the Big Buddha is situated. The Buddha was made in 1972, is 12m tall, a golden color, and since it is sitting on a hill, it is visible from everywhere on the island. Wat Phra Yai is located on a very tiny island which is connected to the main island by a small bridge. Around the Buddha there are many bells hanging. It is a tradition to hit the bells one by one with the sticks there for good luck.

Big Buddha and Chaweng10

Big Buddha and Chaweng06

Big Buddha and Chaweng07

Big Buddha and Chaweng08

Big Buddha and Chaweng09

Big Buddha and Chaweng11

Chaweng is situated on the east coast and is the most populated region of the island. Our hotel was also in this region, but it was not within walking distance to the center. We had been visiting Chaweng center every day to eat and do some shopping.

There was a nice shopping center in Chaweng, which we liked spending time in since it was a kind of shelter from the heat. In a supermarket there we discovered many different Thai fruits that we had never seen before. The streets were also very alive and full of nice restaurants and shops, but it was very hot in the daytime.

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Big Buddha and Chaweng02

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I had a habit of swimming in the sea for a few hours every day; before breakfast, after breakfast and before sunset. The see was extremely warm for me, but resembled a swimming pool with its beautiful color. The most interesting thing that happened to me in Ko Samui was a non-poisonous snake in the sea that we ran into one day. It is said that on very warm days snakes may go into the water for refreshment. People were panicking a lot, but I was so cool that I was the last to leave the water!

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Big Buddha and Chaweng14

On the last day in Ko Samui it was hard to say goodbye to the lovely island. When we arrived at Ko Samui airport, I realized that it was the most beautiful airport ever. It was completely outdoors, very clean and had flowers everywhere. I’ll always remember Ko Samui with Chaweng’s endless beach and our lovely printed small airplane which took us to our next destination, Krabi.

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