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Milan Weekend

I had a wonderful long weekend in Milan. Since it was my third time in this city, I didn’t feel like a tourist. The purpose was spending time with my sister and cheering her up before her thesis work presentation. She had become quite the local in her two years here, so was well-prepared when finding nice restaurants and cafes.






We walked around the city and enjoyed delicious Italian food every day. I fulfilled all my goals regarding food. Gelato; check, good wine; check, pizza; check, brioche & cappuccino; check, apperativo; check, sushi; check… yes, sushi….

It was amazing to see how many sushi places exist in Milan. It is said that sushi is becoming very popular recently. Even some pizza and pasta places have transformed into Japanese restaurants. Most of these places offer ‘eat all you can’ menus. You can order every type of sushi on the menu by paying a certain amount of money. At the place we had been, by 15 euros we had eaten enough sushi to feed the whole world!

I never thought Milan was a beautiful city compared to all the other ancient cities I have been to before, but I must admit that it has its charm. It is gray, not loved by other Italians (from what I have heard from all my Italian friends), but local people enjoy the city very much. They know where to hang around and where to eat. It is difficult to expect a tourist to explore the beauties of the city in a day and appreciate the Milanese way, although every person I know who lives in Milan likes to live there and has their own environment with their own habits. In that sense, I had the chance to hang out as a local, with my sister Elvin and her flat-mate/best friend Candan.

I had the best Brioche experience in Pave. This charming cafe is within walking distance from home. Elvin and Candan usually have their breakfast in here if they aren’t eating at home. We took the seats outside of the cafe, then enjoyed our Brioche and cappuccino while chatting there for a long time. They have the best Brioche, a lovely design and friendly staff.



We also tried Aperitivo in Sempione one evening. It is a tradition in some restaurants that between certain hours like 17:30-21:00, you buy a drink and eat from the buffet, full of Italian snacks.

One of the best experiences for me was eating and being out in the evenings, and not feeling cold while doing so. I am missing that feeling a lot in Sweden. Even in the warm days in summer, when the sun starts going down, the weather becomes chilly quickly. You can never enjoy a garden or a balcony without having some sort of sweater on you. This is what I love about Italy.












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