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The long weekend in Dublin was quite a nice experience for us. Although I usually do research on the cities I visit, this time I let Barış’s sister Zeynep take care of us since she and her husband have been living there for a few months.

Dublin is very lively compared to Gothenburg. People are more talkative as they tend to have long conversations with people they don’t even know. Things become even more fun when the bars get crowded in the evenings. There, I figured out that alcohol really does have a relation to the happiness of people (until a certain point of course).

There was a good variety of restaurants in Dublin. It was possible to find some quick food whenever you needed to. We tried the famous ‘steak on the stone’, which is a piece of steak served on a special hot stone, where you need to slice the steak and cook it on the stone as much as you like during the meal. Since I like taking it easy while eating and cooking during eating (like Chinese hot pot), it was a great experience for me.

One of the most fun things I loved about Dublin were the street performers. The main streets are full of musicians and most of them are truly talented. I almost couldn’t make it to the next corner without spending a few minutes on every street in order to not miss the magic of the moment. They certainly need to be supported if we appreciate having them.

Another thing to appreciate in Dublin is having bars on every corner. Irish people love to drink beer – actually, it’s Guinness. Then regular beer, then Guinness again, and then beer, and lastly Guinness… It is said that Dubliners get drunk with regular beer and polish it off with the Guinness. Also, getting drunk seems like something to be proud of in this city.

Dublin also has city bikes, as many cities have in Europe. The city center is rather small, so it is extremely convenient to travel by bike in Dublin. This is also an efficient way of sightseeing.















1. Famous Temple Bar which gives the region its name
2. Lotts, where we ate the steak on the stone
3. 4. Regular bars that look beautiful
5. Christ Church Cathedral
6. Inner yard of Dublin Modern Art Museum
7. 8. St. Stephen’s Park
9. Bank of Ireland
10. 11. The campus of Trinity College
12. Beautiful graffiti on a wall
13. 14. Canals in the city center
15. An old Irish house that turned to a nice shop

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