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Training Offer

Training has a big part in my routine life in Sweden. It must be really hard to watch most Swedes training like freaks and not moving any muscle for the ones who are not exercising at all. I mostly use the gym belonging to the company where I work, since it is extremely convenient. I am going to write about my training schedule in another post, but for today I want to tell you something fun.

As on every Friday, I was at the spinning class at lunch break today. The instructor handed out some cards to everyone. They said “Training Offer” on them, and when I read what it was about, it made me crave training even more. It was a challenge!

They put the 12 different classes there with empty fields for the signature. We have one month to try any of the classes we like, and get signatures from the instructors after we complete them. There are some presents for the achievers:

4 classes gives you a training water bottle
6 classes gives you a training water bottle + 1 gift card
9 classes gives you a training water bottle + 2 gift cards
12 classes gives you a training water bottle + 3 gift cards

Isn’t it so cool that the company motivates people to train more? I already attend Body Pump, Core, Interval, Pilates and Spinning classes, but it made me excited to try other classes I haven’t attended yet. I am going to get that water bottle for sure, and why not go for a few gift cards too!

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