Tokyo and Seoul on April

Our 2 weeks travel to Tokyo and Seoul starts in a month, I am very excited!

When we visited Japan two years ago, we spent eight full days in Tokyo, but it was not enough to see everywhere we wanted to see and finish our To-Do list. This time we spare 10 days for Tokyo and 5 days for Seoul. I have already started reading books about the two cities and taking notes. We are going to have chance to complete the remaining parts in Tokyo and also have some relaxing time to discover the city. I still don’t have much clue about Seoul though.

Do you have good tips about Tokyo and Seoul? Especially about good restaurants, cafes, galleries, shops, events and secret parts of the city?


  1. I have never been in far east but I’d like to see Japan. I’ve been told getting used to the food and reading signboards could be tough because we have no idea about japanese .

    And Considering the very long flight and expensive tickets we couldn’t decide about visiting … Would you recommend us to go ;) ?


    • I would definitely recommend! :) Tokyo is one of the most amazing cities in the world -in my opinion. Go there some time :)


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