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Skiing at Mullsjö

We were checking out the snow reports on the websites of skiing places around Gothenburg for a long time, to see if there was enough snow on the rings to go to skiing. Finally last weekend we got the result at Mullsjö that we were expecting to see.

On Sunday morning at 7 sharp, we left for the day trip skiing adventure. In two hours we arrived at Mullsjö and my expected fear started to show. I was scared to death again. I waited for someone to raise the voice and say “It is too cold, we cannot ski today, let’s go back,” but it never happened. I had to do it.

I started with the children’s ring and took quite a few rounds to start with. When I was brave enough, I moved to the next level, where everyone was waiting for me to join them. I, of course, fell down a few times, but I survived with a few bruises until the end of the day.

Skiing at Mullsjo4

Skiing at Mullsjo2

Skiing at Mullsjo3

On the way back, everyone insisted that we should take a long trip to some ski resorts in Sweden next year, but I was the only one who remained silent, just proud of being alive. Am I the only person in the whole universe that is scared of skiing and has nightmares about it? Please tell me that there is someone who knows how I feel!

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