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Skiing at Isaberg

I was so proud of myself on Sunday since I succeeded in skiing, which has always looked like the scariest sports activity to me. It was on one of the top lines of my ‘impossible to do’ list.

When I was a kid we went to a skiing resort in Turkey. I was the most shameful person of my family – I was basically hopeless. Even on the lightest slopes, I was simply screaming and falling down immediately. The worst part was that I was hardly able to get up without someone lifting me. I was so ashamed. I hated skiing so much that I have never imagined it would be possible for me to try it again.

This weekend, for some reason, Baris insisted that we take a day trip to the nearest slope, rent some skiing equipment and try it for God’s sake, since we have been living in Sweden for such a long time and telling people that we haven’t tried skiing is the most shameful thing ever! I was the last person he managed to convince, and there were six of us. It was inevitable in the end. I was extremely conservative about having any kind of relationship with the slopes, but I found myself renting the equipment with the others.

I was on the slope where only children were skiing – it was hardly a slope actually – and I was making a fool of myself there. After an hour though, I got courage on that slope. I started not to fall, or at least managed to get up myself when I fell down. The slope started to look so easy after a while. I was ready for the next step!





In the meantime, the others were skiing on the higher slopes. It took me a whole day to get the confidence for the easiest path, but at the end of the day I was so proud of myself. When we got home in the evening I was totally sure that next time I would be able to ski on the highest mountains!

Do you have any bad experiences from childhood that turned out better when you got a second chance when you were grown up?

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