My sister is going to visit me this week. I am extremely excited. This would probably be one of the very few things that can cheer me up in autumn. She going to help us with the decoration of the new apartment and of course with the preparation of our legendary housewarming party! Besides, I am totally sure that we are going to have so much fun together as usual, by having our girly time, beauty hours, shopping, discovering new places in town and talking about pointless stuff!

Do you have a sibling that you miss doing things together and everything turns out to be how they were in your childhood whenever you come together?



  1. Yes, my sister and I can’t stay angry at each other for more then 12 hours. I think not even for more then a couple of hours. However we are not like girlfriends either. We shared and lived in old beautiful houses in the city of Amsterdam for 8 years as adults, during college years. Who are you in the picture above, are you the bigger girl? You haven’t changed!


    • Thanks for your comment Ava. Same here, we fight but can’t stay angry for long. I think that is the fun part of being sisters, you are tied together :) I am the bigger girl in the picture, yes!


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