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Summer is beautiful! It hasn’t rained in Gothenburg for three weeks. It is sunny, warm and really nice. We are getting exhausted because we can’t help being outdoors all the time and doing all the things we are not able to do in horrible weather. We just simply cannot be indoors when it is sunny (I even found myself saying ‘it would be nice if it rains for a while, so we might finally get a break’, but then I shut myself up).

We have been doing loads of crazy things; being in the city for the whole day, one moment eating ice cream, another following people on Segway, yet another moment impulsively renting bikes and taking tours, then drinking beer and repeating for a few days. Until bedtime comes, we are always outdoors, including our balcony. We just can’t be indoors!

Last Saturday we went to Särö; a small peninsula south of Gothenburg. After walking along the shore, we found a good spot to settle down with the picnic blanket and food. There were a lot of people around sunbathing and swimming. We checked the water a bit, but it was too cold and too shallow to make any attempt to swim. So, we only enjoyed being at the seaside. I tried to convince Baris to come into the sea, but he hates cold water – he threatened that he’d throw me into the water. That was the end of the discussion :)







We stayed at Särö for a few hours, where we took the bikes of Jordanka and Nikola to have a round, enjoyed the sun, and had some food and coffee. We were like kids the whole day. It was probably the best day of the year to walk around barefoot.

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