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Pilates at Noa Gym

I’ve mentioned on another post before that I have met the swimming coach Taha Engin through my blog. Since then we exchange emails every now and then about training routines and swimming. He answers all my questions about exercising since he also works as a fitness instructor.

When I told him that I was going to be in Istanbul for vacation, he invited me to Noa Gym Galata, which is where he works. My best friend Ezgi and I visited him and trained Pilates together. It was such a fun day!

Before we started the training Taha told us about the history of Pilates and some important points to be careful about. During the training we learned a lot, but did not suffer much since both of us have been doing Pilates for a while. At the end of the two hours we were so tired and every move became much heavier.

Pilates at Noa Gym1

Pilates at Noa Gym2

Pilates at Noa Gym4

Pilates at Noa Gym5

Taha was so kind and helpful. The gym is in a great location, very close to Galata Tower. It is a great opportunity for people who work and live close by. Contact Taha at Noa Gym if you’re looking for training opportunities around this area.

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