Picnic Blanket, Chairs, or Both?

We have been spending our picnic moments with the same blanket for over four years. We love this blanket; it is foldable, light, easy to fit in a bag, and perfect for carrying around. However, this year, small camping chairs got our attention. After noticing the big sale in the shop selling garden stuff, we couldn’t resist anymore and bought a pair.

Right after shopping we drove directly to Slottsskogen to try out our new chairs; it was inevitable on this sunny day. Thanks to our smart shopping – grabbing some biscuits besides the checkout at the last minute – we had the perfect picnic day with two chairs, the picnic blanket (despite the chairs – you know it is hard to quit some habits), and two packets of cookies!

I kept laying down on the blanket, which I think is more comfortable. Barış kept telling me that I was supposed to sit on the chair because we had just bought them and it was necessary to do so. We completed the picnic session after trying every possible combination of the chairs and the blanket. We decided that we need both of them! Since then we carry both the chairs and the blanket with us for picnics.

What is your favorite picnic style? Do you like laying down wherever you find a spot, or do you need appropriate picnic tools to be more comfortable?


  1. I would say camping chairs are for old people! But Baris manages to look rather cool in it so I might need to reconsider…


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