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Perfumes or Light Fragrances?

I had never been a scent and perfume enthusiast, but my habit of wearing some fragrance dramatically decreased after I moved to Sweden. When a few colleagues of mine kindly asked me to not to wear perfume because they had allergies, I completely pushed my lovely perfume bottle to the bottom of my drawer and left it there for so long.

Honestly, before I moved here I had never heard a debate about wearing fragrances because of the allergy issues of others. I remember myself on public transport in Turkey where I could barely breathe because of an extremely heavy perfume on a person, but it was all natural to me.

Nowadays I’ve become interested in scents again. Maybe because I didn’t wear them for a long time, most of the regular perfumes smell too heavy to me now. I am more looking for some light, nice-smelling fragrance that I can wear daily. When I searched for some keywords in Google, I learned that there are different names of the “perfumes” according to the concentration of the aromatic compounds in them.

What we know as perfume is the most concentrated one (with 15-40%), which means that the scent is stronger and it lasts longer. Then comes “Eau de Parfum” with 10–20% concentration of aromatic compounds. “Eau de Toilette” (5–15%) and “Eau de Cologne” (3–8%) follows with much lighter scents.

I think I’m looking for something around “Eau de Parfum” and “Eau de Toilette” now. I have checked some brands, but I would really like to have some organic alternative with a light fragrance rather than some heavy smelly chemical liquid.

Are you a perfume freak? Which type of fragrances do you use, and what do you think about other people when they smell like they were dropped into a whole bottle of highly-concentrated perfume? Most importantly, do you have any suggestions for me?

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