Party Food Tips?

We are throwing a housewarming party on Saturday, and I haven’t made any preparations aside from unpacking the last boxes to make the apartment look ready for it.

We have been moving around Gothenburg a lot for seven years. At all our previous housewarming parties we ended up with neighbours complaining about the noise, so we were tagged as ‘troublesome’ from day one, even though we are very calm and respectful people. If I have neighbours complaining again on Saturday, I will serve them a cold beer and invite them in (that should do the trick!).

When we moved to our previous apartment in spring 2012, we meant to throw a party before summer. Time passed so quick; it had been two and a half years and we moved again before we managed to do it. So, now we feel obliged to make it happen as we promised all our friends we would.

There’s only a two days left until the party and I still don’t know what to prepare as snacks. I thought it would be a good idea to ask for some help here. Please give me some tips for quick and delicious snacks for parties (it would also be a good wish list for those who are joining us on Saturday).


  1. Hi Gizem, crowd pleasing snack bowls could be life-saving ,crunchy salty mixes , also different varieties of popcorn maybe. If you feel like something traditional I vote for Kisir :) Easy to make healthy nutritious and delicious. Other option could be Patates Salatasi ,only matter of boiled potatoes,onion and fresh herbs ..And my other favourite is boiled eggs , take 8 or 10 boiled eggs (they should be hard-cooked ) after peeling ,halve them lenghtwise and add grain mustard on yolks ,for topping u can use parsley or other fresh herbs.Nice and easy :)


    • Hello Caglar! Thanks very much, these are great tips. I will try to do my best. The worst case, I bought bags of chips :)


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