Our New Apartment

We moved to the new apartment on Saturday. It took us days to pack our stuff and the whole Saturday to move it. This is the fourth time I am moving to another flat in Gothenburg, and every time it gets more painful since I increasingly have more stuff. We got professional help this time though, so things went smoother and faster.

I don’t know about the rules in other countries, but in Sweden you need to clean the apartment you are leaving appropriately, so the next tenant can start living there immediately. I kind of like this rule, because it forces you to leave the old place in good shape and be respectful of others. For this reason before we left the keys of the old apartment and the housing company made an inspection we needed to clean the apartment. So, we spent half of our Sunday cleaning the old one rather than unpacking our stuff in the new one. (There I realized how much I am going to miss the old place of ours, which we lived in for 2.5 years.)

It was an extremely tiring weekend for me. The kitchen is the room in the best shape right now, so we can start cooking, but all our clothes and living room items are in boxes and waiting for us to unpack them.

the new apartment2

What are your experiences with moving to new apartment? Are you excited for the new life, or depressed about leaving your old one?

PS: I put a picture of a corner in the apartment and a picture of the view from our balcony as a quick glance.


  1. büyük pencereleri ve yeşil bir bahçesi var ne güzel :) umarım iyi günlerde huzur ve mutluluk içinde oturursunuz…


  2. Cok tesekkurler Duygucum, biraz daha yerlestikten sonra arkamiza yaslanip tadini cikarmaya baslayacagiz umuyorum :)


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