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Organic Waste For Sustainable Energy

I’ve mentioned many times before that Sweden has great discipline for recycling. Everyone has separate bins at home for glass, plastics, papers, cardboard, metals and composts. This process is of course supported by the government which ensures that every building has the appropriate containers to collect the separated waste.

Organic waste is very important in Sweden, as only the 4% of the total waste is not recyclable. The organic waste products are being used to produce biogas, which is used for heating and transportation. In 2012 the total production of biogas was 1.6 Twh, where the goal for 2015 is double of this number*. In Gothenburg, we already have public buses that use biogas as energy. Moreover, since 2005 the biogas train ‘Amanda’ is functioning in daily life.

I received a package from the municipality a few days ago. It was a starter kit for organic waste. It contained a plastic basket to be mounted inside a kitchen cabinet, a bunch of paper sacks to collect the compost in, a plastic tool to collect food leftovers from the sink, and a booklet which gives a lot of interesting information about organic waste.

Don’t you also think that recycling is extremely important for the future of nature? How are the processes for recycling in your country? Do you separate waste at home?

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