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Our New Coffee Machine – Nespresso

Coffee plays an important role in our daily life in Sweden. Most Swedish people drink at least a few cups of filter coffee every day. It really helps us cope with the darkness during winter. Although I was a tea person when I first moved here, I changed over time and now I can’t wake up without my morning coffee. It is not surprising to see the Nordic countries on top of the “coffee consumption per capita” lists like this one.

We have a filter coffee machine at home that we use daily, but we wanted to have something extra and more exclusive. We ended up buying a Nespresso U-Pure Black and Aeroccino 3, the milk frother. The machine can make three different types of coffee; ristretto, espresso and lungo. I usually go for the lungo with milk, and Baris loves to drink espresso, so we were both very happy in the end since we found a common machine for our needs.


The machine is extremely simple to use and maintain: just pick your capsule, put it in the machine, choose the type of coffee and run it. It is good not to forget to refill the water tank and empty the part that keeps used capsules inside.

The Nespresso capsules are very attractive with different colors, and full of grinded coffee from different beans in different strengths. I got very happy when I learned that the capsules are recyclable with the metals according to an agreement that is signed in Sweden.


There is no Nespresso shop in Gothenburg yet, so we order the capsules from Nespresso’s website. With our first order, we got to buy a nice box for the capsules which I enjoy filling up every time we consume a few cups of coffee.

Do you drink much coffee? What are your methods of making good coffee at home?

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