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My New Habit: Sewing

It is time to bring up a subject that I haven’t mentioned before (because now I have proof)! A few months ago I suddenly felt an urge to learn how to sew and I got a second hand sewing machine from my father as a birthday present.

My grandfather from my father’s side was one of the most well-known tailors in Gaziantep (the city in Turkey I was born in). Although he died a long time ago, even before my father got married, most of the old people in Gaziantep still remember him. My father’s grandmother was also a tailor in the same city. For those reasons my father had spent most of his spare time in tailor shops in his childhood. That is probably the reason why he is very talented in this area. I found a few pics in my father’s photo album that I want to share.

109 My grandfather Durdu Akkan is the one standing, on the left.

008 My grandfather (in the middle, standing) and his workers, while they are sewing outside, in front of the shop.

On the other hand, my grandmother from my mom’s side is an expert on sewing as well. When we were little kids, most of our clothes were tailored by her. I loved those times, when clothes were not that cheap, when people were buying fabric and creating their own style, when everything was more valuable.

So, it was kind of a habit in my family and perhaps I was even late starting. After I got the machine I started to be a bit experimental. My first ever piece was a skirt, which was not very successful. Then I focused on a beach bag, since it was summer and I needed a bag (and it is also much easier).

My grandma gave me a nice fabric when I was in Istanbul, and she came up with the idea of how I should make the holder and the pockets. I started working on it immediately, but it took a few days for me to figure out the pattern. On my first attempt I realized how big the bag became, so I re-cut the fabric to make it look less like a luggage holder.

It took a week to finish sewing. The back of the fabric was so nice as well, so as per my grandma’s suggestion, I folded the upper part outside and sewed like that. I used the same gray side to put a small pocket on the front. Barış thought we might need more pockets for sunglasses, keys, etc., so I added one more pocket inside. At the end I made the holders. Here is the result!



Do you have any experience on sewing? What kind of things do you like sewing most?

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