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We celebrated Midsummer on Friday. It is one of the most important traditions in North Europe. The longest day of the year is celebrated all day long.

People gather in gardens, parks and forests on Midsummer. Traditionally the lunch (consisting of boiled potatoes and garlic/mustard soused herring) is eaten altogether, then followed by a strawberry cake. After the lunch it is time to dance around the “Maypole” with some children’s songs like “The little frog”. This eating and dancing cycle is repeated until everyone gets tired and the time comes for preparing a barbeque for the evening.

We went to Gunnebo Castle which is one of the celebration areas in Gothenburg. It was very crowded and lively. For those who didn’t bring picnic food, there was a small tent where they sold some bakery items and coffee/tea.








I love Midsummer because the weather is usually very nice, the day is long and everyone looks so happy. Sweden looks like the best place in the universe on Midsummer. If you are curious about the Swedish Midsummer traditions, you can check out the video on the link.

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