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I am going to tell you a secret which makes me feel so lame whenever the subject comes up. I have never used a concealer or a foundation before (except for the professional makeups I got) and I don’t own either myself (phew!)

I am so bad at makeup terms and applications. My makeup bag is so small that I only have a BB cream, a blush, a couple of lipsticks – which are my favorite makeup items – and a mascara. My sister bought me a liquid eyeliner, but I have a long way to go to learn how to apply it properly.

Lately I’ve gained some interest in the makeup world, or at least in the stuff that normal people know by heart. I came across the YouTube channel of Lisa Eldridge who is a beautiful and very well-known makeup artist. I find her tutorials very inspirational. They made me realize that I need at least to know the basics of makeup.

So, I thought I needed to understand the needs of my skin and try a few products from different brands to find the suitable ones for me. Since I do not apply makeup every day, and my skin is pretty smooth, I probably do not need heavy products, but maybe I do need a good concealer.

I definitely need a bit of help here. Let me know which concealers and foundations you are using. Do you have a normal skin type like me? Which brands and product types would you recommend?


  1. I am the same as you are, no heavy make up unless someone is getting married and I am trying to wear no make up on the weekends but I love make up products so I buy and try many different ones, at least when I first buy them. Safe to say when it’s make up, go with Dior, Lancôme, Estée or similar, since they are premium quality and problem free worldwide but even the best one should come off before bedtime (Lancôme Bi-Facil has been rated the best eye make up cleaner for a hundred time). I have friends of same age using all kinds of serums and eye creams and even anti-wrinkle creams and also on that department I’m pretty primal, I am using virgin coconut oil for almost all my body and I have no visible lines so I must be doing something right. But I wanted to expand my horizons a bit so I studied what to buy for a good couple of days (I’m a nerd) and I opted for Kiehl’s Ultra series, they are basic, clean, using essential oils like avocado as ingredients and they have a killer moisturizing mask (which we need after 30 y/o). I advise you not to use eye creams or serums for a few more years and go for a more apothecary less cosmetic brand for skin care and opt for light powders like Laura Mercier or Bobby Brown translucent powders and tinted moisturizers instead of foundation and heavy bronzers, Benefit has a perfect concealer called Boi-ing btw. To be perfectly honest, with our eyes we need less heavy make up, more a good mascara and a red lipstick :)


    • Thanks for the great tips! :) I totally agree with you; a black mascara and a red lipstick would be the perfect combination for us. I also have done lots of research about the cosmetics, especially with the face creams and cleansers. As you suggested I try to stay away from the very commercial ones and go for the organic/vegan products. As moisturiser, I only use an eye cream and a face cream. I clean my face in the mornings and in the evenings with an organic face soap, and apply the moisturisers. That’s it :)
      I want to buy a concealer to try. I will check the Boi-ing, also I have heard that Mac has a good liquid concealer that I should also give it a try :)


  2. I ‘ve spent too much time and decent amount of money to be able to find the right face care product especially for my ultra sensitive eye area but I’ve got nothing but dissapointment … I’d love to hear your experience about eye creams (is there any chance for something anti allergic, fragrance free ,rehydrating ,tightening and affordable at the same time :))
    As a concealer I use “physicians formula’s concealer twins and same brand’s organic wear non-toxic mascara ” which is the only one doesnt make my eyes itchy or watery .


    • Hi Caglar,
      I know it is not easy to find the right product, and you cannot judge it before you use it for some certain time. It is very tiring. I am going to check out your recommendation for the concealer. For the eye cream, I am using i+m ( at the moment and like it very much. I can also recommend Lavera. They both are organic and vegan, so I suppose they don’t have any chamicals that would irritate your eyes, but you should try and see of course.
      Thanks for the comment and good luck! :)


  3. I thank you for the useful topic !I’ll take a look if I can find those here around :)
    Have a nice day.


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