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Livia’s Dissertation Party

Our dearest friend Livia has completed her PhD work and she is graduating soon. As a tradition in Sweden, this is celebrated with a big party!

She began to plan the party months ago while she was suffering with the thesis work at the same time. This celebration is a big big thing here; it’s even much bigger than wedding parties. So, the venue must be booked long before the party, the catering must be arranged, then the decorations, music, games, the theme, and all those things must be well planned. We helped her with the planning and were ready on the venue to prepare everything for 85 guests on the big day.

We started to set the place up with help of some other friends and Livia’s family who came from Italy for the party. The preparation of the tables, tablecloths, decoration, and other arrangements took a long time. In the meantime we helped the catering guy to set up his food in the kitchen. Then, just before the guests arrived, we had a little time left for ourselves to dress up and get ready for the night.

Livia's dissertation party01

Livia's dissertation party02

Livia's dissertation party03

Livia's dissertation party04

Livia's dissertation party05

Livia's dissertation party06

When all the guests arrived the celebration started with some cocktails, then everybody found their seats for the dinner. During the dinner the speeches and presents for Livia were given.

Livia had placed an empty canvas on a wall and some crayons next to it, so everyone could draw and write whatever they liked for Livia to save this as a memory. This part of the night never ended; everyone filled the canvas up throughout the whole night.

Livia's dissertation party08

Livia's dissertation party10

After the dinner we folded up the tables and made a space for the dance floor. The music and the lights were so tempting that we just lost ourselves. Soon it was already midnight and guests started to leave one by one. Since we were responsible for the place and had to leave things in order and clean, we worked hard until 3 o’clock in the morning to tidy things up.

Livia's dissertation party11

All the hard work was worth seeing Livia happy and relaxed. Are there any big celebrations for dissertations in your country? Have you participated in any of them?

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