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Liseberg Before Christmas

One of the most fun things (or maybe the only thing) to do in Gothenburg before Christmas is to visit Liseberg. Although this amusement park is best in the summer, it is remarkably fun even during winter. Rides are not open during this period, but the whole park is full of Christmas decorations in the scent of cinnamon and raisins with Christmas songs playing everywhere. Traditional foods and drinks are sold on every corner and it is also a good opportunity for Christmas shopping. Liseberg is open from mid-November until Christmas every year.

It was time for us to visit Liseberg last weekend. It was freezing cold, but we found a way to enjoy the night with warm drinks, sweets and all the other snacks that are sold in the park.

liseberg before christmas01

liseberg before christmas03

liseberg before christmas05

liseberg before christmas06

liseberg before christmas02

liseberg before christmas04

liseberg before christmas07

liseberg before christmas08

liseberg before christmas10

liseberg before christmas12

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