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Kindle Paperwhite

We lost our Kindle that we loved!
Barış has a special talent for losing things. It was usually on the pen, lighter, keys, tickets level, but it’s reached another point now. He came home the other day and confessed that he’d lost the Kindle, and he does not remember how.

The moment we gave up on finding it, we ordered a new one on Amazon. The new one is the Kindle Paperwhite.



The most remarkable changes on this new Kindle are that it has a touch screen, not a keypad, and it has a built-in light on the screen. I was a bit sceptical about the touch screen in the beginning, but it works fine. It is actually easier to move between pages with this feature. The built-in light is just perfect since it is adjustable. The previous generation Kindle was hard to read if there was no light source nearby. The screen is 6 inches, and since there is no physical keyboard, it is much smaller with the same screen size.

I am hoping to use this one for a longer amount of years.


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