Keeping Shoes in Order

One of the biggest problems I used to have with my wardrobe in the old apartment was that I didn’t have enough space for my shoes. So, I stashed them in a part of the closet and never got to see which pairs I had as an option when it came to picking an appropriate pair with an outfit. This began to be a problem when I started to buy new pairs that were very similar to the ones I already had.

In the new apartment there is a small room for storage, which could be used for a great cause! When I settled the plan in my mind, I ordered a very simple, thin and high shelf for the shoes. I was so happy when we received it last weekend. I spent half of the Sunday fixing the shelf first, then removing my shoes from their boxes, setting them out on the floor of the living room, and deciding on how the shoes should be placed on each shelf.

keeping shoes in order2

The result was perfect! My shoes are finally in order and I get to see what I have. I spared three shelves for Barış (which is enough for him) and placed the shelf in the storage room. I couldn’t be happier than when seeing the last boxes in the apartment removed. I strongly recommend this type of shelving to keep your shoes organized and save some space in your apartment.

How do you usually store your shoes? Do you have complete control over them, or are they all over the place your closet?


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