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Hiking at Kåsjön

We were at Kåsjön for hiking on Sunday. It was the 3rd time that we completed this 11km track, and it is the best track ever for us so far. It is not straight, not easy, and it is full of ups and downs, muds, trees, etc. which makes it even more fun.






At some points we needed to stop for a while and figure out how to go forward. I love it when I need to put some more effort in and try to find my way through a forest. We could not enjoy the view of the lake much, since we needed to be very careful about where we stepped, but it was a different level of enjoyment.

About half way on the track we had a short coffee break as usual. Other than that we did not need a rest at all. These weekend hikes are becoming more fun as our bodies are getting used to the tempo.

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