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Hiking at Vättlefjäll

The very first serious hiking we did in Sweden was completed exactly one year ago at Vättlefjäll. It seemed like a good idea to repeat the same route on Sunday. Since we are having a mild winter this year, the lakes were not frozen like they were last year. Things looked a bit different without being covered by snow.



At some point we lost the track we had been following; there were no signs around, it was just the same trees all over. I got really scared thinking of all the possible wild animals I could come up with. It took us 10 minutes to get back to the right track, but to me this part was the longest part of the whole 3 hours we spent there.

The coffee break helped me to calm down and get back to reality. When we finished hiking, we marked Vättlefjäll down on our list as one of the hiking places which is worth visiting again.




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