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Hiking at Skatås

I have a new tradition: hiking in the woods on Sundays.

I don’t know if this is a tradition yet, but it all started last Sunday when we longed to be outdoors around a lake, or in a forest. After breakfast, we had been to Skatås, thinking of taking a nice route in the forest.



At the beginning of the forest, there is a big board showing a map of different routes, which are 2.5 km, 5 km, 8 km, 10 km and 18 km long. We were obviously so excited about it that we decided to take the longest hiking route.

The woods are marked very well with different colors belonging to different routes, so for us it was enough to follow the black and white markings.






We paused for a short coffee break at the end of the 6th kilometer. It was a brilliant idea to bring some coffee with us and the stroopwaffles that we bought from Amsterdam the previous week. This pause made us long for the finish line.

Four and a half hours had passed when we arrived back to where we started. We were extremely tired. We realized that if we were going to continue hiking, we would definitely need some proper equipment for the winter.

This is the story of how this new “tradition” started this week. How about you? Do you have any routines for hiking? Is there any special equipment or outfits you would suggest?

(Photos are taken with my cell phone)

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