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Hiking at Delsjön

The 18 kilometer hiking we did a few weeks ago didn’t kill us, but rather made us even stronger. This weekend we were ready for new adventures, so we looked extensively for hiking routes around Gothenburg, and bought two pairs of lovely The North Face hiking shoes.


When I searched for hiking routes nearby, I realized once more how vast the choices we have in Sweden are. The maps are full of nothing but forest and lakes. Nearly all forests have some paths for hikers. It is enough to simply pick a route and just follow it. Sometimes they go on forever to the other end of the country (not exaggerating!), or make a big circle that allows you to finish where you started.

This Sunday we tried the Delsjön area. Delsjön is the name of the lake (“sjö” means lake in Swedish) and it is surrounded by nice woods, which have smooth paths inside. This time we took the 10 kilometer route. We completed the round in less than two hours. It was so comfortable with our new shoes, and as we were getting used to the tempo, we were not tired at all at the end.



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