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Garmin Swim

It had been a year since I registered to the swimming pool that I have been going to some mornings before work. I was looking for a solution to keep myself motivated and on track. I thought knowing some statistics like how long I swim, how much energy I spend, and also following some suggested improvements would help me do better.

Barış came up with a present one day. He bought me Garmin Swim which I had secretly been checking out for a while. It’s already made me extremely motivated to swim better. Since last week I have been waking up even earlier to go to the pool and try out my new toy.

garmin swim2

It is very light and easy to use. Since it has no GPS, it is only great for indoor swimming. You just need to fix some settings like the length of the pool, your style of swimming, gender, weight, etc.

It keeps a log of the latest 30 sessions. It is possible to connect it to the software with a USB lead, which means better statistics can be seen on Garmin Connect’s website on your personal account. Every time the USB is connected, it updates automatically.


I got the motivation and excitement I was looking for when I was connected to my account and checked the graphics and statistics. I believe it is the right thing to compare yourself within your sessions, instead of looking around while swimming and comparing yourself with others. Garmin Swim gave me a good cause to train myself better.

Do you have any solution to keep yourself motivated while training? Any experience with swimming?

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