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FedCup at Borås

We went to Borås on Saturday to watch the tennis game between Sweden and Poland, and also to see the city which is 60 km away from Gothenburg, as we’ve wanted to visit it for so long. Borås is a small city with a population of 66,000. The old houses in the center, the river Viskan and the beautiful statues all around make the city very attractive. This city has been one of the most important cities in Sweden for textile production since 1800’s. There are 11,445 companies based in Borås today.

FedCup at Boras03

FedCup at Boras05

FedCup at Boras06

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We took a nice walk in the city before the game started, then spent some time in the sports hall. We learned that FedCup first started in 1963 and it is the world’s biggest tennis tournament for women. The game we were going to see was between Sweden and Poland.

The first game was between Johanna Larsson – Kataryna Piter, and Johanna (Sweden) won. The second game was between Sofia Arvidsson – Agnieszka Radwanska, and this time the winner was Agnieszka. We couldn’t make it for the games the next day, but when I checked the result the winner was Poland.

It was a fun Saturday since we got to see a new city and watched the exciting tennis game. It will be so nice to come back to Borås in the summer, when everywhere is green and the cafes around the river are more attractive.

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