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Birthday Party for Chinese Parents

Have I told you before that we have a big family here in Sweden? Between our close friends we really are like a family, therefore we have homes in different countries.

A few days ago Yafen’s parents came to visit her from China. They are both turning 60 this year, so we thought we should celebrate their special day together. Yafen lives in a really nice house which has a small garden. It is the perfect place for celebrations in summer. We all gathered there for the welcome party and the birthday celebration.

The evening started with the delicious food that the Chinese parents had brought from China. We tried spicy fish soup, fried vegetables, roasted peanuts, warm dates and all different types of snacks in colorful packages.

chinese parents1

chinese parents2

chinese parents3

After dinner, we enjoyed the evening sun in the garden, with the birthday cake and the presents. I am so glad that we have finally met our Chinese parents. We promised them that we would visit them in Yafen’s hometown one day.

Do you have such close friends that their parents are like your own? Do you feel like you and your friends are one big family?

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  1. The feeling of having parents across the globe is amazing… I never think one child policy in China is a big thing for me… since I get you all here. It is the same. L.O.V.E.


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