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Who says that fun tattoos are permanent ones?

It is possible to wear nicely designed temporary tattoos wherever you like on your body. Tattly has a great variety of temporary tattoos that are printed with vegetable-based ink and are non-toxic. They are so beautiful that you’ll want them to stay on you forever.



I have bought a couple of designs this summer, and I have been living with a bunny for almost a week now, see here.

I picked a few of my favorite ones from Tattly’s website, check them out:
tattly_blanca_gomez_four_folks_and_one_dog_web_design_01_grande tattly_julia_rothman_popsicles_web_design_01_grande tattly_jennifer_vallez_hero_doll_web_design_01_grande tattly_gemma_correll_red_yarn_press_design_01_grande tattly_julia_rothman_beach_ball_web_design_01_grande tattly_lisa_congdon_ferris_wheel_web_design_01_grande tattly_julia_rothman_coffee_web_design_01_grande tattly_lisa_congdon_carousel_web_design_01_grande tattly_marc_johns_playground_web_design_01_grande tattly_we_think_things_gelato_date_web_design_01_grande tattly_jim_datz_octopus_web_design_01_grande tattly_marc_johns_what_to_focus_on_web_design_01_grande

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