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I have been attending a French course, two hours a week, for the last two years. My French doesn’t improve much if I don’t put some effort in though; study for a few hours a week, listen to some French songs, or watch French movies.

A friend of mine suggested this magazine which is written both in English and French. There are long and short texts on different subjects and interviews, about food, culture, trend topics, etc. Every text in the magazine is written in both languages. It helps a lot either to read the French part first and try to understand it, or read the English first and grab the words in French. For my level it is much more practical than reading a pure French magazine with a dictionary.

Fricote has a bilingual magazine and a blog as well. I suggest you give it a try if you are learning French and looking for a fun source to improve.

And let me know about your tips. Which sources are you using to get better at French?


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