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I didn’t do much shopping in Japan, but the few things I bought are my favorite things to wear these days. They remind me of Japan and I have been missing it every day.


I find the simple bags made of cloth very summery and practical. I bought this one from an anime shop in Tokyo.

The real catch here is the U.F.O. ring, which I bought from Kamakura (right hand, on the middle finger). While taking a walk to the Grand Buddha in Kamakura, I saw a small sign ‘YYossYY’, directing me somewhere. I left our path and followed that road, and eventually reached a small design shop which was run by the designers themselves. They were designing, producing and selling beautiful jewellery in that shop. I fell in love with that ring, although I asked them “May I try that car ring?” The response was “It is actually a U.F.O…” I was quite embarrassed since I thought that was insulting for their art. Anyway, I bought the ring and have been wearing it ever since.

When my father saw the ring, he took it as a challenge for himself. He claimed that he could make the very same one, and even some more with different shapes. You can see the results on my other fingers; they are quite impressive.


Outfit details: Uniqlo skirt, YYossYY ring (on the right, middle finger), Converse shoes, rest of the rings are handmade by my father.

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