New Hairstyle

As you have probably noticed, I got a new hairstyle when I was in Turkey. I was longing for bangs for a while, which I had a few years back and loved them so much. It is a bit hard to maintain, but I find them very stylish. So, I tried to get my new look with bangs. It took a while to get used to them. In fact, for the first days I could not recognise myself in the mirror, but nowadays I am doing fine. I am very happy with the blonder, shorter hair with bangs.

Do you change your hairstyle often? Do you manage to live with bangs or without?

new hairstyle5

new hairstyle2

new hairstyle3

new hairstyle1

Outfit: Forever New dress, Inci shoes, & Other Stories half bracelet and vintage gold bracelet.


  1. I incidentally run across to ur blog while i was doing some search for Kindles a few years ago :) since then i keep reading and i do like it. I guess you already quit writing to the old one.

    About your hair it looks a lot brighter and modern .Last week I got my hair cut too but bangs don’t suit to my face so i dont have any.

    I have something to ask if you dont mind sharing :) which perfume do you use and who’s your hair dresser ( i guess he / she is in Istanbul )

    ps: you look so stylish and elegant . very good taste of dressing ;)
    Thanks in advance and talk to you soon.



    • Hi Caglar,
      Thanks for your nice comment :) I don’t use parfume so often, since Sweden is kind of parfume-less country. They are careful with fragrances here since they may be people out there who has allergies (sounds a bit weird though), but I have Versace Bright Crystal that I use from time to time. My hairdresser is in Istanbul, his name is Levent Berk. He is working at Sanart Kuafor at Sahrayicedit. He is really good at his work :)
      Talk to you!


      • Thank you ! About fragrances I absolutely feel the same way especially considering my migren but only for the special occasions from time to time it might be little bit of freshness and I’ve been wondering your taste .

        And the hairdresser he is close to me I intend to stop by.Worth trying :)
        Have a nice weekend and iyi bayramlar!


  2. Thanks a lot! The same to you :)
    You can tell him that you got the info from me ;)


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