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Swedish people love to eat crayfish. They even have special celebrations every year when it is the best time of the year for crayfish. They export most of the crayfish from Turkey. The interesting thing is that I have never heard of or eaten this type of seafood in Turkey before. I suppose Turkish people do not like it and it is only sold to other countries.

This year I was suddenly interested in trying crayfish. Our friend Emre invited us over dinner for a little crayfish party. We had crayfish, shrimps, aioli, fresh bread and champagne! You need lots of talent to eat crayfish. I was a bit scared in the beginning, but then I handled it. When it came to the very hard ones I let Barış do it for me. It tasted like jumbo shrimp to me. We ate it as Swedes do: a small slice of bread with the crayfish on it and aioli on top. It was really delicious. I wonder why Turkish people do not eat them? I think they should start after my comments :)